Juvo lança Juvo Crédito no Brasil
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Building Financial Identities
for 4 Billion People Globally

Juvo uses everyday mobile transactions to bring the world's underbanked population into the formal financial system.

Powered by Financial Identity as a Service (FiDaaS)

Juvo's FiDaaS platform analyzes mobile network data to build financial identities for the 68% of adults worldwide with no formal credit history. These alternative credit identities open a new world of financial opportunities for underbanked consumers. The FiDaaS platform processes billions of data points each day and is currently live in 27 countries on 4 continents.

Building Financial Identities with Mobile Network Operators

Over 80% of adults worldwide use mobile phones, generating the data that FiDaaS makes predictive for credit decisioning. Our partners are using FiDaaS to better engage with their customer base, while generating new revenue streams through Juvo's financial services partnerships.

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We Make Financial Identities Available for Financial Institutions

When consumers lack sufficient credit history, financial institutions typically have no choice but to turn them away. FiDaaS arms financial institutions with the insights they need to increase the addressable market for financial services, attracting new customers, while managing lending risk.

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Juvo provides the opportunity for billions of people to participate in a new financial world that until now has been closed to them.

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