Fundamentally changing personal credit for 80% of Brazilians ...and then the rest of the world.

We use people's interactions with their mobile phones to enable them to gain access to fair financial services.

Using Data to Provide Financial Opportunities

Juvo analyzes data from mobile user behavior to build proprietary credit scores. These scores open a new world of financial opportunities for individuals with no formal credit history, which represent 68% of worldwide adults. Starting from services as Airtime Lending for pre-paid cellphone users to Cash Loans using the cellphone as collateral, Juvo provides more than 100,000 loans per day in Brazil.

Juvo in Numbers


of Airtime and Cash Loans Disbursed in Brazil in the Last 30 months


Unique Brazilians Took Airtime and Cash Loans in 2023


Cash Loan Requests in 2023


Growth in Cash Loans Originated in 2023

Building Proprietary Credit Scores in partnership with mobile network operators

Over 90% of adults worldwide use mobile phones, generating the data that makes Juvo’s YEScore predictive for credit decisioning.

Juvo provides the opportunity for billions of people to participate in a new financial world that until now has been closed to them.