Create New Revenue 
by Unlocking the Value in Data

While 68% of adults worldwide are underbanked, 83% of them have mobile phones. Through Financial Identity as a Service (FiDaaS), operators can boost their core business revenues (10% increase in ARPU) while generating new revenue sources through strategic data monetization partnerships.

Making Mobile Network Operator Data Predictive

By partnering with operators in 27 countries on four continents, Juvo is highly experienced at generating lending decisions using mobile subscriber data. We use data science and machine learning to find the patterns that make data predictive.

Our Partners

Maximizing Revenue Opportunities with Financial Identities

Through a single integration with Juvo’s FiDaaS platform, operators are generating financial data that becomes the basis for incremental revenue-generating products and services.

Establishing Financial Identities with Airtime Lending

The next generation of lending provides an engaging and rewarding experience that drives engagement, loyalty, and a path to advanced financial services.

Cable and Wireless (C&W) Communications Case Study

In partnership with Juvo, C&W increased ARPU by 10% and reduced churn by 50% in less than 120 days. C&W completely reimagined the prepaid experience by providing progressive credit extensions delivered through its Flow Lend app.

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Juvo Unlocks New Operator Revenue Opportunities

Core Business Growth

Progressively lend airtime 
to build financial identities 
for 95% of your prepaid customer base

New Products & Services

Maximize existing 
revenues by offering high 
value products/services to Juvo-screened customers

B2B Partnerships

Generate new revenues through Juvo’s partner ecosystem

Why Juvo?

Improve prepaid subscriber economics

Juvo consistently increases ARPU by 10% while reducing churn by as much as 50%

Drive greater adoption 
of Mobile Network Operator services

Financial identities power device financing, prepaid-to-postpaid migration amongst other initiatives

Create new revenue 
from existing data

FiDaaS connects financial institutions 
to mobile-based alternative credit data

No upfront investment

Juvo generates new revenues for mobile network operators without 
any CAPEX required

Reach new customers and drive higher portfolio performance

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