Increasing the Market for Financial Services

Billions of people worldwide use their mobile phones every single day. These transactions form the building blocks that can be used for the 68% of adults who have no recorded financial history. Credit providers use Financial Identities to make informed decisions about creditworthiness.

Transforming Everyday Transactions into
Financial Identities

Juvo builds highly predictive Financial Identities through mobile network operator billing, usage, and airtime lending data. Lenders can apply those insights to target qualified leads, screen applicants, and optimize loan portfolio management.

Turning Financial Identities into Financial Opportunities

Target New Customers

Discover new customer segments and target pre-qualified consumers with growth campaigns

Deepen Relationships

Expand the products and services offered to the existing customer base, maximizing lifetime value

Manage Risk

Alternative credit data provides insights into underbanked consumers 
with thin and no credit file 
to limit exposure

Using Data to Improve
Performance of your Portfolio

Increase Marketing ROI

Financial Identities enable financial institutions to focus marketing spend on Juvo-vetted, pre-qualified leads

Maximize Lifetime Value

Consumer preference data drives the creation of new, personalized products and services that optimize customer value

Minimize Lending Risk

Financial Identities augment existing credit modeling with alternative data to increase efficacy and minimize bad debt

Why Juvo?

We Make Alternative Data Predictive

With years of experience in scoring alternative data sources for lending and other financial decisions

Segmentation and Targeting

Through the FiDaaS platform, Juvo enables partners to target
pre-qualified consumers to maximize conversion and revenue

Partner Ready Data at Scale

Connecting to Juvo’s FiDaaS APIs unlocks access to over 250M consumers and over 
6 billion daily updated attributes

Compliant with Data Regulations

Juvo manages financial identities In accordance with GDPR and other 
country-specific user privacy regulation

Reach new customers and drive higher portfolio performance

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